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In 2007, three musicians of great experience, Alessandro Alessandrini, Luigi Ridolfi and Rodolfo Ridolfi, create a band that surprises. A trio that is rooted in blues and is nourished by the great history of American and English rock. And from theblues-rock the music of E.Z.RIDERS expands exploring the "southernharmonies", the "worship" of the jam, cultivating country and folk influences. An absolutely original ensemble, which reflects the legacy ofthe golden age of rock and blues jam bands of the seventies to deliver a new musical language strong and free. Alessandro Alessandrini began writing music and playing in clubs at the beginning of the nineties with the trio POISON WHISKEY. In 1998 joined the ?OLD TENNIS SHOES?, a band well known on the local, which proposed a powerful british rock-blues. After six years with OLD TENNIS SHOES - during which the band has shared the stage with important artists of the blues-rock scene such as NINE BELOW ZERO and TOLO MARTONand has recorded a CD of original songs - in 2003 Alessandro Alessandrini form "TONY & THE SOUTHERN ROCKERS, southern rock band appreciated at regional and national levels. In 2005 he joins the ?BLUES DOGS?, the italian cover band of the ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND; with BLUES DOGS plays at the 2007 edition of the?AMENO BLUES FESTIVAL?; they have a great success, this participation is reviewed on Buscadero, an important Italian music magazine. Luigi Ridolfi is a great blues-rock musician. Since the late seventies / early eighties his style as a bass player and background vocalist is absolutely unique and unmistakable. In the eighties, is well known with the ?ROCK MAGAZINE BAND?, along with his brother Rodolfo Ridolfi on drums. In the second half of the eighties joins the OLD TENNIS SHOES and contributes significantly to the success and reputation of the local band. In 1999 Luigi Ridolfi meet Alessandro Alessandrini in the OLD TENNIS SHOES. Between the two was born a deep friendship and an important artistic partnership. In 2007, Luigi Ridolfi and Alessandro Alessandrini form the E.Z. RIDERS, with Rodolfo Ridolfi returning to play with his brother nearly 20 years after ?ROCK MAGAZINE BAND?. They write an Album with 12 original songs. The band immediately arouse interest for the originality of their music. The first album is promoted in the UK By "Two Side Moon Promotion" and is gaining positive reviews and feedback from many european and US magazines and radio stations all over the world. E.Z.Riders' second album is out now. The Album's nine new songs testify theband's growth in terms of playing along and song writing. Cultivating a wide range of different influences, "Long Way From Home" is expected to be a more intense and stronger chapter in E.Z. Riders's musical story. With an increasingly large fan base, the E.Z. Riders are now ready to reach a new level of popularity and deserved consideration all over the world.
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